Reviews: Credentials and Certifications

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing trust and credibility is paramount. This CNC Intelligence review aims to showcase how we rise to the challenge, particularly when dealing with the sensitive realms of asset recovery, cyber investigations, and cryptocurrency tracing. CNC Intelligence strives to achieve the highest professional accreditations and certifications. Our credentials serve not just as mere badges but as a robust seal of quality. They affirm our expertise and dedication to excellence, as reflected in numerous CNCIntel reviews. We are committed to providing unparalleled service to a diverse client base, including law enforcement agencies, law firms, and individuals who have been affected by cybercrime or asset loss.

This CNC Intelligence Credentials page is meticulously designed to give you an in-depth look at our wide range of certifications, affiliations, and compliance measures. From being GDPR-compliant to holding specialized certifications like TRM Certified Investigator, we take great pride in our qualifications.

We’re also accredited by renowned organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, where we hold an A+ rating, and are registered with DUNS and, among others. Membership in prestigious associations like the Global Anti Scam Alliance (GASA) ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry best practices.

Each credential amplifies our ability to serve you better, whether by utilizing advanced blockchain analytics tools or understanding the complexities of crypto compliance. Navigate through this page to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CNC Intelligence Credentials that make us leaders in asset and fund recovery, cyber intelligence, and cryptocurrency investigations. Check out CNC Intelligence reviews from satisfied clients to further validate our expertise.

CNC Intelligence Review - Credentials and Certifications

Licensing and Registration Information: A CNC Intelligence Review

For full transparency and in compliance with regulations, we want to provide our clients with the following essential information:

Business License

  • Washington DC Business License: CNC Intelligence Inc.’s Washington DC business license number is 400322808046.

State Registration

  • Utah: CNC Intelligence LLC is registered in the State of Utah under entity number 12582748-0160.
  • Delaware: CNC Intelligence Inc., a Delaware Corporation, is registered in Delaware under file number 3154686.
  • Washington DC: CNC Intelligence Inc. is registered in Washington DC under file number C00007397136.

Private Investigation Services in Utah

Private Investigation services are provided in the State of Utah by CNC Intelligence LLC under License Number P111331. CNC Intelligence LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNC Intelligence Inc.

BBB Accredited Business A+

CNC Intelligence is an A+-rated business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This accreditation proves our commitment to excellence, ethics, and customer service. It demonstrates our dedication to resolving client disputes promptly and highlights our reputable standing in the asset recovery and cyber investigation industry.

CNC Intelligence Review - BBB Accredited Business

DUNS Registered (Dun and Bradstreet)

Our company is registered with Dun & Bradstreet, reinforcing our credibility and reliability. A D-U-N-S number validates our business globally and facilitates smoother transactions and partnerships. This also makes us a trusted entity for international law enforcement agencies and law firms. CNCIntel reviews further attest to our standing as a reliable and credible organization in the industry.

CNC Intelligence Review - D-U-N-S Registered

Investigative Associations

World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.)

Membership in the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.) strengthens our global network and reach. This affiliation endorses our commitment to high professional and ethical investigative standards on an international scale.

CNCIntel Reviews - WAD


California Association of Licensed Investigators

Being a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators confirms our dedication to upholding the highest standards of practice in investigations. This membership places us among the most ethical and professional investigators in California.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - California Association of Licensed Investigators

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

As members of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, we are part of a network that maintains high ethical standards in investigative work. This gives our clients the confidence that our operations in Texas are credible, reliable, and in compliance with state laws.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

Affiliation with the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators adds another state-based credential to our portfolio. Our membership assures clients that we adhere to Florida’s stringent investigative protocols and ethical guidelines. CNCIntel reviews further underscore our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of our investigative work.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

Blockchain Associations

GBA (Global Government Blockchain Association)

a member of the Global Government Blockchain Association emphasizes our advanced capabilities in blockchain technology. This positions us as trusted experts in cryptocurrency tracing and blockchain-related investigations. For more insight into our expertise and reliability, check out CNC Intelligence reviews.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - GBA

Blockchain Intelligence Group

Our affiliation with the Blockchain Intelligence Group showcases our advanced skills in blockchain analysis. This partnership augments our ability to trace, document, and investigate blockchain transactions comprehensively.

CNCIntel Reviews - Blockchain Intelligence Group

ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

Being a part of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ensures that we are updated with the latest tools and strategies in fraud examination. This membership reinforces our capability in assisting law firms and agencies in asset and fund recovery.

ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Associate Member

Global Anti Scam Alliance (GASA)

CNC Intelligence is a proud member of the Global Anti Scam Alliance (GASA). Our membership aligns with our mission to assist in asset recovery and cyber investigations. CNCIntel reviews highlight our commitment to high standards through GASA, which includes government bodies, financial institutions, and cybersecurity firms. By collaborating with these experts, we gain insights crucial to fighting cybercrime and fraud.

GASA - Global Anti-Scam Alliance

Industry Certifications

Chainalysis Reactor Certification

Our Chainalysis Reactor Certification is a testament to our advanced capabilities in cryptocurrency tracing. This certification validates our effectiveness in leveraging state-of-the-art tools for crypto investigations.

Chainalysis - Reactor Certification

CipherTrace Certification

Holding a CipherTrace Certification underlines our expertise in tracking illicit cryptocurrency transactions. This certification enhances our ability to provide comprehensive, actionable intelligence in the ever-evolving world of crypto assets.


TRM Certified Investigator (TRM-CI)

CNC Intelligence team members are TRM Certified Investigators (TRM-CI), a credential from TRM Labs that highlights our specialized skills in combating crypto-crime. CNCIntel reviews often mention these competencies, which include crypto-crime typology identification, off-chain OSINT leveraging, and a deep understanding of crypto compliance. This certification ensures we remain at the cutting edge of crypto-crime investigation, equipped with the latest tools and knowledge.

TRM CI - Certified Investigator

Board Certified McAfee Expert in Cyber Investigations

Our team includes board-certified McAfee Experts in Cyber Investigations, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of expertise in cybersecurity. This certification proves our capability to tackle complex cybercrime cases effectively.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - McAfee Institute CDCI - Certified Digital Currency Investigator

Website Compliance

DMCA Protected

Our website content and intellectual properties are DMCA-protected. This means that our materials, including digital tools and resources, are secured against unauthorized use, ensuring that the quality and integrity of our services are maintained.

CNC Intelligence Reviews - Protected by DMCA

We use for secure payment transactions, ensuring that financial data remains confidential and safe. This accreditation further guarantees the safety of assets during the investigation process, building another layer of trust between us and our clients.

CNC Intelligence Review - Authorize Net

SSL, TLS, and Cloudflare

CNC Intelligence prioritizes delivering clients a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience. We employ advanced technologies like TLS 1.3, provided by Cloudflare, to ensure the secure and encrypted transmission of sensitive data between our users and servers, gaining an excellent overall score in security protocols.

We utilize the comprehensive services of Cloudflare’s Business Plan, emphasizing multifaceted optimization and fortified security. Cloudflare enables automatic platform and speed optimization, image refinement, and secure HTTPS rewrites, enhancing our platform’s reliability and navigational ease.

Cloudflare’s features provide an added layer of security, safeguarding our platform against various cyber threats and ensuring secure, encrypted connections, reinforcing our commitment to a secure digital environment.

The integration of features like Argo and Image Resizing Basic optimize user traffic routing and visual content, reducing latency and ensuring seamless and responsive interaction for users.

This integration of Cloudflare’s advanced features and robust TLS protocols underscores our commitment to providing a secure, reliable, and efficient platform, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of client information while maximizing user satisfaction. Every technological stride we make aims to offer our clients a harmonious blend of advanced security and optimized user experience, reflecting our dedication to excellence in our services.


GDPR Compliance in CNC Intelligence: A Review

CNC Intelligence complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring stringent data privacy measures for our clients. GDPR compliance means we are committed to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data. This confirms our dedication to safeguarding sensitive information and enhancing our credibility in asset and fund recovery and cyber investigations. To further validate our commitment to security and professionalism, we invite you to check out CNCIntel reviews.

CNC Intelligence Review - GDPR Compliant


We are proud to feature authentication by Sectigo, ensuring that the integrity and legitimacy of our site are verified, providing an additional layer of trust and security for our clients. This authentication underscores our dedication to creating a secure environment where confidential information remains protected, fortifying our clients’ trust in our cyber intelligence and investigation services.

Please explore CNC Intelligence reviews to understand more about our commitment to security and to hear firsthand accounts of our clients’ experiences with our secure and authenticated services.

CNC Intelligence Review - Sectigo

CNC Intelligence Review – Conclusion

In a world where digital threats are pervasive and ever-evolving, CNC Intelligence stands as a pillar of expertise, trust, and unwavering commitment to justice. Our mission goes beyond the realms of technology and legalities; it’s fundamentally about people—victims of scams who are grappling with financial loss and emotional stress, as well as law professionals who are faced with the complex challenges of tracing cryptocurrency transactions and solving cybercrimes. Our credentials reflect not just our technical prowess but also our deep-rooted dedication to making the digital world a safer, more accountable space.

At CNC Intelligence, we blend innovative cyber tools with rich human expertise, the result of which is a highly efficient, precise, and ethical service delivery. Our array of credentials and certifications are a testament to our quality, competence, and ethical conduct. These accolades serve as your assurance that with CNC Intelligence, you’re choosing a partner that excels in the very skills required to assist in asset and fund recovery, cyber investigations, and cryptocurrency tracing. Our multi-disciplined team of Certified Cyber Investigators brings experience from around the globe, collectively having conducted investigations across six continents.

Whether you are a victim of a scam, looking to recover large amounts of money, particularly in cryptocurrency, or a law professional in need of specialized tracing services, we invite you to reach out to us. With CNC Intelligence, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a dedicated ally in your fight against cybercrime and financial loss. As evidenced by numerous CNCIntel reviews, we are committed to helping you reclaim your peace of mind and financial security. We encourage you to take the first step by contacting us today. Thank you for considering CNC Intelligence—where technology meets integrity, and expertise fuels justice.