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Former FBI Special Agent Roman Garcia shares about his new leadership role at CNC Intelligence

Tuesday, April 27th 2021, I am excited about my new role with CNC Intelligence. I have been collaborating with them for the past six months on specific cases and have built a great rapport with the team, so I am very excited to join and lead the global investigations.
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How to Recover Lost Bitcoin

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 It is now possible to recover scammed or stolen bitcoin or cryptocurrency with CNC Intelligence Inc.. Bitcoin is believed to a highly secure. However, sometimes fraud can lead to the loss of your bitcoin wallet. Even the most experienced traders sometimes lose their bitcoins.
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CNC Intelligence Champions Bitcoin Tracing and Recovery

February 15, 2021 – The last few years have seen a major boom in cryptocurrency and bitcoin, enabling online collectors to gather millions in digital currency. Unfortunately, this growth has also been accompanied by an equally fast-paced crime wave, as scammers seek to take advantage of cryptocurrencies to facilitate fraud.
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CNC Intelligence Revolutionizes the Concept of Retrieving Lost Assets

Subsequently, the CNC Intelligence Inc. works with law firms specializing in cryptocurrency fraud that can hold and retain the stolen assets through freezing injunctions. The success of CNC Intelligence Inc. arises from its ability to find theft points, trace movement of the stolen assets and coins, and exactly identify the wallets and their users or operators.
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CNC Intelligence Inc. warns about COVID-19 Related Scams

“CNC Intelligence continuously researches and gathers information from Federal Agencies in order to disseminate actionable intelligence to our clients and protect them from COVID-19 related scams.”— Seth A. Gordon

Understanding the Workings of Using Bitcoin Recovery Services

The biggest difference between cryptocurrency and fiat currency relates to personal responsibility. You would have to avoid being financially wasteful with your cents and dollars. In the event, your wallet has been hacked or cryptocurrency has been sent to a fraudulent company, consider hiring CNC Intelligence Inc. to get your money back for you.



How to Avoid Falling For Online Financial Scams

To improve your chances of recovering funds lost through an online scam, consider seeking the services of a fund recovery expert like CNCIntel on 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20006. CNC Intellience Inc. is a fraud recovery service that helps victims of online fraud recover lost assets.



CNC Intelligence Inc. Turns Crypto Asset Recovery Challenges into Opportunities

WASHINTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2020 /– Intelligence-based asset recovery firm CNC Intelligence Inc. has reiterated its mission to assists victims of crypto fraud through a unique mix of practical recovery tools and expertise. 



CNC Intelligence Inc. Helps Investors Recover Their Lost Crypto Currencies

It’s only because of CNC’s technical expertise and years of experience in the Bitcoin recovery process, that it makes the entire Bitcoin recovery process smoother and hassle-free for the law enforcement agencies and the authorities.


Ex-homeland Security Analyst Seth Gordon Takes Asset Recovery Specialist Firm CNC Intelligence Inc. To The Next Level.

Oct 30, 2020  — Washington, DC – October 30, 2020 – CNC Intelligence Inc., a global asset recovery-focused operation with offices in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv, Israel, has just announced the addition of retired Department of Homeland Security security specialist Seth Gordon to its team of expert consultants.


CNC Intelligence Brings Onboard Roman Garcia as Head of Global Investigations and Branch Head

Washington D.C, April 27, 2021

CNC Intelligence is proud to announce to the public that Roman Garcia has joined the CNC Intelligence family as the new Head of Global Investigations and Branch Head. He will head the new Utah location at 1145 S 800 E, Orem Utah 84097, in the heart of Silicon Slopes.

Roman Garcia is a highly experienced and respected security expert in the asset protection and cybersecurity space with a wealth of experience. He is a licensed private investigator and has 11 years of experience as a Special Agent for the FBI.

Roman is an expert in complex investigative matters utilizing sophisticated techniques, and thinking outside the box to get things accomplished.

His FBI career has provided him with experience in:

  • Interviewing and Interrogation

  • Developing and Handling Informants

  • Undercover Operations

  • Behavioral Analysis

  • Dignitary Protection

  • Congressional Background Investigations

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Combat Medicine)

  • Counterterrorism Investigations

  • Public Corruption Investigations

  • Disrupting And Dismantling Mexican Drug Cartels

  • Surveillance Operations

During his time with the FBI, Roman was assigned to work with other reputable teams such Los Angeles Police Department and many other law enforcement agencies including the DEA, DOJ OIG, US Army, IRS, SS Administration, and others. CNC Intelligence is exceptionally proud to have him.  

We look forward to improving on our already distinguished services to ensure our clients are happy and safe.  

Roman Garcia will head our new Utah branch bring his experiences to lead the team to a new level of forensic protection in keeping our clients and their assets safe from cybercriminals.

About CNC Intelligence


CNC Intelligence is a cyber intelligence firm specializing in cryptocurrency forensics, Asset Recovery, and Cyber Investigations.

CNC Intelligence Inc. provides actionable intelligence to clients through a combination of tools and skill set. Bitcoin Tracing and Recovery is a core service we offer. With a growing influence in cryptocurrency, we understand the need for protection. Cybercriminals are incredibly sophisticated in their operations. We help you level up with these criminals, so you don’t become the next victim.

 It is not straightforward to Recover Bitcoin. But with our bitcoin tracing and recovery services, we help you get back your stolen bitcoin.  

CNC Intelligence was started by a team of experts from various backgrounds such as Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery, and Offshore Legal Experts. CNC Intelligence has a collective experience of over 40 years in these areas.

CNC Intelligence uses the latest Cyber tools, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), cutting-edge technology, and Cyber Tools to deliver Actionable Intelligence to our clients. We are based in Washington, DC, with other branches across the globe. 

CNC Intelligence officially wish to welcome Roman Garcia to the team and look forward to great things with him.

You can learn more about CNC Intelligence here.

CNC Intelligence Welcomes Seth A. Gordon as our Director of Investigations and Analysis

Washington D.C, October 30, 2020

Seth Gordon will lead our Investigation and Analysis teams while liaising with law enforcement bodies around the world.  Gordon brings more than 17 years’ worth of experience to CNC Intelligence Inc. and is will take the investigative team to the next level.

About Seth Gordon:

During his 17 years of service with the Department of Homeland Security, some of the positions Gordon held were:

  • Intelligence Analyst.
  • Inspector.
  • Supervisor.
  • Communications Specialist.
  • Security Specialist.

In addition to his stellar record, his resume bears the recommendation of former US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez.

Before his Department of Homeland Security tenure, Gordon served as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the City of Long Beach, NY.

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