Identity Theft Assistance Services by CNC Intelligence

As we go online and allow more and more service providers to access our personal data, we expose ourselves to identity theft. This form of crime affects millions of people each year. And the number of victims is growing. The financial and credit history effects of identity theft are devastating for individuals.

CNC Intelligence Inc. can now help identity theft victims by:

  • Providing damage assessment
  • Assisting with damage mitigation
  • Helping victims write letters to institutions
  • Helping with ID replacements
  • Offering education on how to avoid identity theft in the future

CNC Intelligence - Helping Victims of Identity Theft

How our Identity Theft Assistance Service Works

CNC Intelligence Inc.’s new service intends to positively impact the lives of identity theft victims. To achieve that goal, the company has devised a structured approach to dealing with the fallout of this type of crime.

Damage Assessment

The damage identity theft can do to one’s life and finances is profound and far-reaching. The first mission of our identity theft victim assistance service is to help victims assess the extent of the damage and teach them the hidden dangers of identity theft.

Considering every possible angle of damage is essential. Only by understanding all possible attack vectors can victims engage in effective damage control. In this respect, CNC Intelligence helps identity theft victims:

  • Consider all accounts, credit cards, and other forms of financial damage identity thieves can cause.
  • Check for medical identity theft that can rob victims of their health care benefits.
  • Understand the possible effects of identity theft on their credit scores.
  • Check emails and other accounts for signs of takeover.
  • Consider the possibility of deed and mortgage fraud that may cost victims their homes.
  • Realize the possibility that identity thieves can steal their tax benefits.
  • Check their social media accounts for signs of hijacking.

Victims of identity theft will experience some direct consequences of the crime.

  • They will go through emotional distress and stress.
  • They will have their personal information circulating on the dark web forever.
  • They will receive more scam emails and calls.
  • Criminals will constantly target them for scams.
  • Criminals may commit fraud and other crimes in their names.

Damage Mitigation

As stressful and emotionally taxing as it is, recovering from identity theft is a necessity. It may take as long as six months to recover, so those affected should strap in for the long haul. Reacting quickly can save victims time and money in prevented damages and recovery costs.

Here’s what victims can do to end the ordeal and limit the damage criminals can cause.

  • Some companies offer identity theft insurance. If they have such insurance, victims should contact their insurance providers immediately.
  • Identity theft victims should contact their banks, credit card issuers, and other providers of financial services.
  • Freezing credit with the three credit bureaus as quickly as possible is of the essence.
  • Victims should contact the companies impacted by the criminal activity perpetrated in their names.
  • Victims should file reports with all relevant authorities, including the FTC which maintains a dedicated portal ( for this purpose.
  • Sometimes, victims should also file a report with the police. Some creditors may require a police report.
  • Criminals may take out loans in the victim’s name. In such cases, victims should contact debt collectors to have themselves removed from their files.

Writing Letters to Institutions

To mitigate the damage of the crime, identity theft victims must contact many institutions through letters that fall outside the normal communication procedures of these institutions. CNC Intelligence Inc. specialists can help victims contact:

  • Companies like banks and financial institutions
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Debt collection agencies
  • The FTC
  • The police

CNC Intelligence Inc specialists can also help victims write 609 dispute letters to correct erroneous information on their credit reports. Some victims may want to get business records relating to identity theft.

CNC Intelligence specialists can advise victims about the additional documents they should include with their letters.

Replacing Compromised IDs

It is vital for victims to replace their IDs as quickly as possible. To replace IDs, victims have to contact the issuing agencies, report the problem and request new documents.

If victims lose their documents as a result of identity theft, they can reach out to organizations that have copies of their documents on file. CNC Intelligence Inc. can guide victims through the process, offering them a step-by-step plan to reconstitute their ID documentation.

Avoiding Identity Theft in the Future

As part of giving victims closure on an identity theft case, CNC Intelligence Inc. professionals offer them education on how to prevent identity theft in the future.

What can you do to avoid becoming the victim of identity theft?

The first step is to keep documents containing personal information in a safe place at home and work. Don’t give unknown people the chance to peek at your ID. With every phone sporting several cameras these days, someone can photograph your ID in seconds.

  • Don’t carry everything with you at all times. Only carry the essential papers. If you don’t need them, carrying your Social Security and Medicare cards with you doesn’t make sense.
  • Never share sensitive information over the phone, online chat, or email. Only do so over a secure connection if you trust and know the receiving party.
  • Don’t overlook your credit card receipts. They contain valuable information. Always check that they don’t show more than the last four digits of your account number.
  • Use a mailbox others can’t access and pick up your mail promptly.
  • Never toss out receipts, credit offers and applications, bills, and bank statements without destroying them first.
  • Choose your passwords wisely. Don’t use the same password everywhere. And ensure that your passwords are strong enough.
  • Format your hard drives and memory cards before you sell a laptop, phone, or other electronic devices on which you store sensitive information.

Identity Theft – Free Resources

If you find yourself the victim of identity theft, the following free resources can give you guidance and a starting point for recovery.

Through its new service, CNC Intelligence Inc. aims to offer comprehensive assistance to victims of identity theft.

By helping victims assess the damage, mitigate the fallout, prepare letters, replace IDs, and prevent ID theft in the future, the company hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by this growing concern.

We offer complimentary consultations to determine if our Asset Tracing, Recovery Assistance, and Intelligence Services are suitable for your case.

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