CNC Intelligence Reviews – Is CNCIntel Legit?

Looking for CNC Intelligence reviews? This article will provide you with all the information you need to be make an informed decision regarding which company you can trust to recover your scammed assets.

Digital asset tracking and recovery is a business requiring finesse, specific know-how, worldwide liaising capabilities, and patience.

While trained investigators are well aware of what it takes to trace stolen crypto funds and recover them, clients and members of the general public don’t understand the intricacies and run out of patience quickly.

That, and wariness about crypto recovery firms, explain many of the negative user reviews legitimate asset recovery operations get.

CNC intelligence doesn’t get many negative reviews. On most of the client review portals, such as SiteJabber, it has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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People like CNC Intelligence’s services. And those who understand how the tracing process works and what resources it takes to recover stolen funds from halfway across the world like it even more.

It’s Not Easy to Set Up a Crypto Tracing and Recovery Operation

The asset recovery space is rife with every type of scam. People set up operations hoping that by using a handful of tracking tools, they can pull back the veil of anonymity from scammers and determine the location of the funds. Legitimate asset recovery is about much more than that.

The team behind CNC Intelligence includes digital intelligence experts, asset recovery specialists, crypto investigators, and offshore legal experts. This is the minimum level of complexity that allows a crypto tracing and recovery operation to work. Anything less than that won’t suffice.

Locating the crypto funds is the first step of the recovery process. Finding out the identities of the entities behind the transactions linked to fraud and theft takes skills, but it is a bare minimum.

Once they know the identities of the thieves and their locations, investigators move the recovery process to another level.

In CNC Intelligence’s case, everyone involved in the recovery process has decades of experience.

On a technical level, CNC intelligence uses:

  • Forward-thinking cyber apparatuses
  • Cutting edge hardware
  • Capable cyber tools
  • Open-source intelligence
  • Human intelligence
  • High-level liaising capabilities

In terms of operational presence, the company maintains central offices in the United States in Washington DC, a Global Investigations Office in Orem, Utah, and a Cybint Operations Center in Rehovot, Israel.

Serious, capable asset recovery companies command assets in line with their capabilities and the quality of services they offer. One can’t provide effective asset recovery services from an apartment with a handful of employees.

Earning the Trust of the Client

Earning their clients’ trust should not be difficult for cryptocurrency tracing companies, but it often is.

In the age of instant gratification, many people demand and expect immediate results. They don’t care about the effort and resources that go into the investigation. They want their assets recovered and the thieves punished. And to some extent, they are right.

This is the conundrum legitimate asset recovery companies must navigate: producing quick results in a matter that takes time.

Another factor that may hurt the reputation of a company like CNC Intelligence is malicious competitors.
Entities exist that don’t have the victims’ interests at heart and won’t refrain from lying if they believe that helps them achieve their goals.

They will go on customer review portals and leave fake reviews, hoping to discredit the company.

Fortunately, legitimate organizations can bust these fake claims relatively easily.

A textbook example of this MO happened recently. Someone went online and left a review about CNC intelligence, alleging that the company does not have physical offices in Washington DC, as it claims. Therefore, the reviewers wrote, it must be a fraud.

However, Google and Sectigo have verified the physical addresses of the company independently. The local licenses from Washington DC and Utah also attest to the legitimacy of the operation.

How does CNC Intelligence earn the trust of its clients?

The company representatives respond to client messages quickly and provide immediate assistance. Clients can take several measures right away to limit their losses and collect data that can help investigators.

CNC Intelligence can even send investigators to help clients deal with banks and the police in person.

For every case, the company assigns a case coordinator whose responsibility is to communicate with the client and fill clients in on the progress investigators make on their cases.

CNC Intelligence operates transparently, meaning that it does not withhold information about the progress of a case from clients.

What do People Like and Dislike about CNC Intelligence? – The CNC Intelligence Reviews

The overwhelming majority of the feedback clients grant CNC Intelligence is positive. Most of the ratings they leave are 5-star ones. If you run a Google search, you will see that most CNC Intelligence Inc. reviews are positive.

Let’s look at what clients appreciate most about the services the company offers

A professional attitude

Many clients have expressed their appreciation regarding the attitude with which CNC Intelligence representatives treat them.

Right away, CNC Intelligence representatives reassure clients that their financial losses are not final and that the organization can go a long way to recover their assets.

Helping clients overcome the initial panic of the loss is the standard operating procedure for CNC Intelligence investigators and case coordinators.

A great overall experience

CNCintel review providers appreciate the dedication company personnel displays.

Most clients love the transparency of the process.

Some say that after solving their case, the CNCintel team offered them valuable advice for the future.

Reasonable fees

Those who have bothered to leave CNCintel reviews have found the fees the company charges reasonable.

In addition to being helpful and effective, the company also provides affordable services.

Individual CNC Intelligence specialists

While poring through the CNC Intelligence Inc. reviews, you will find feedback that singles out individual CNCintel employees for praise.

The focus of the company on human connection is obvious.

One reviewer heaps praise on Ori. Others single out Alex. They all agree that their interactions with the CNC Intelligence staff were positive and productive.

Prompt callbacks and genuine caring

CNC Intelligence personnel are keen to listen to everything their clients and potential clients tell them.

Even if the losses are insignificant and hardly worth the trouble, the CNCintel staff listens and offers practical advice to callers.

Several callers have mentioned that CNC Intelligence personnel called them back promptly.

Better than the rest

Many CNC Intelligence clients are familiar with the crypto tracing and asset recovery scene.

They tried several other options before resorting to CNC Intelligence and are in the perfect position to make comparisons.

Such clients appreciate the transparency of CNCintel’s investigative processes.

At least one client has mentioned that the company would inform him/her about everything they would do. They even debriefed him/her after the fact.

CNC Intelligence’s long reach

The company has impressed many of its clients with its cryptocurrency tracing abilities.

Some clients say CNCintel has tracked down their stolen assets halfway across the world.

Others mention that the company recovered their assets from as far away as Nigeria.

No pressure

Asset recovery companies often use high-pressure sales tactics to get would-be clients to commit to hiring their services.

Such pressure-focused tactics often raise red flags with clients.

CNCintel does not resort to such tactics.

Many CNC Intelligence review providers have pointed out that company personnel did not pressure them into accepting services.

Cryptocurrency tracing services

Fraud victims can talk to the authorities themselves in many cases, including the police, their banks, and local financial authorities.

Cryptocurrency crime is often beyond the reach of these institutions, however.

Tracing your stolen bitcoin to another country and involving the local authorities there to recover it is what CNC intelligence does best.

What about Those Negative Reviews?

Some of the negative reviews CNC intelligence gets are fake reviews.

Some forum-based feedback comes from skeptics who know the asset recovery scam, but know nothing about CNC Intelligence and assume that it’s like some scam companies.

When we eliminate such feedback, we are left with impatient clients, who want to see faster results than the investigators can produce, and those whose cases run into legal hurdles.

Cryptocurrency owners based in the United States cannot use offshore crypto trading services. Some use VPNs to circumvent the problem, however, and end up losing their funds to scammers.

CNC Intelligence works in cooperation with law enforcement and can’t help those who commit an illegal act that results in their getting scammed.

So, is CNC Intelligence Legit?

The client feedback on the company is overwhelmingly positive.

CNCintel has recovered digital assets for people from halfway across the world.

Most CNC intelligence reviews are positive, and the company has the technical and material means to pursue lost digital assets wherever thieves may take them.

Is CNCIntel legit? We hope that after reading this article, you already have an answer to this question.

If you lost money to cryptocurrency scams, feel welcome to schedule a FREE consultation with us.


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