An In-Depth Interview with CEO and Founder, Matthew Stern


In an era where social media platforms have become breeding grounds for cybercriminal activities, the role of specialized investigative services is more crucial than ever.

CNC Intelligence, a leader in cyber investigations and cryptocurrency tracing, recently collaborated with KEYT News to shed light on the alarming escalation of social media-based scams.

In this featured segment, Matthew Stern, CEO and Founder of CNC Intelligence, delves into the intricate web of cyber fraud that has ensnared countless victims. Stern shares valuable insights into how cybercriminals exploit the very tools and platforms that have become integral to our daily lives.

This exclusive interview is part of CNC Intelligence’s broader mission to assist law enforcement and law firms in asset and fund recovery, offering a glimpse into the complex landscape of digital crimes. As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports a staggering $770 million lost to social media-based fraud in 2021 alone, this timely interview serves as both a wake-up call and a beacon of hope. It demonstrates CNC Intelligence’s commitment to leveraging its expertise in cyber intelligence, asset tracing, and forensic investigations to combat the evolving threat of online scams.

For a deeper look into this urgent issue, we invite you to watch the full interview and read the accompanying KEYT News article.


Key Points from the Video Interview

The interview on KEYT News featured Matthew Stern, CNC Intelligence’s CEO and Founder, who articulated the gravity and complexity of online scams, particularly on social media platforms.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), victims lost over $770 million through social media in 2021, substantiating the need for advanced cybersecurity measures and investigations. Stern elaborated on a real-life instance involving Santa Maria native Valeria Solano, a mother of four and a small business owner, who fell prey to an investment scam on Instagram.

CNC Intelligence assisted Solano in her quest for justice, applying their expertise in cyber intelligence and asset tracing. Stern revealed, “Over 90% of our traces are successful in identifying where the victim’s assets were sent.” The information thus gathered is crucial for law firms and law enforcement agencies working on the victims’ behalf.

In a world where cybercriminals are becoming increasingly cunning, Stern emphasized the importance of professional guidance. “I strongly recommend that people actually speak with a fiduciary, which is a type of financial advisor that is legally obligated to provide advice in the interest of the client,” he advised.

Furthermore, Stern warned against sharing sensitive information online, even with loved ones, citing the organized and sophisticated nature of modern cybercriminals.

The interview not only highlighted the modus operandi of scammers but also showcased CNC Intelligence’s exceptional capabilities in combating such nefarious activities.

Commentary and Additional Insights

The compelling interview with Matthew Stern on KEYT News brings to the forefront the indispensable role that specialized investigative companies like CNC Intelligence play in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

With cybercrime rates skyrocketing and fraudsters adapting to new technologies, Stern’s insights serve as a necessary reality check. His statement about the success rate of over 90% in tracing assets underscores the effectiveness of CNC Intelligence’s bespoke investigative approaches, reinforcing their standing as Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists.

Moreover, the case of Valeria Solano serves as a poignant reminder that the victims of cyber fraud span various demographics, from mothers and small business owners to investors and professionals. CNC Intelligence’s commitment to aiding a broad array of clients in asset tracing, due diligence, and law enforcement assistance resonates strongly in this context.

The cautionary advice from Stern about consulting with fiduciary financial advisors reflects the company’s broader commitment to education and prevention. By emphasizing a proactive approach to digital security, CNC Intelligence extends its role beyond investigation to include fostering an environment of informed caution among internet users.

The call for vigilance in sharing personal information is also in line with CNC Intelligence’s mission to mitigate risks by arming the public with essential knowledge. This interview serves not just as an enlightening conversation about the current state of cyber fraud but as an actionable guide for both victims and professionals navigating this complex and evolving threat landscape.


The enlightening interview with Matthew Stern, CNC Intelligence’s CEO and Founder, on KEYT News illuminates the pervasive and insidious nature of cyber fraud in the digital age. With victims losing a staggering $770 million to social media scams in 2021, as reported by the Federal Trade Commission, the necessity for expert intervention and public awareness is clearer than ever. CNC Intelligence stands at the forefront of this fight, providing unparalleled expertise in cyber investigations, asset tracing, and support for law enforcement and legal professionals.

This exclusive dialogue serves multiple purposes: it acts as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in our interconnected world, showcases the specialized capabilities of CNC Intelligence in combating digital crimes, and offers practical advice for individuals to protect themselves from becoming the next victim. Stern’s emphasis on consultation with fiduciary advisors and the responsible sharing of personal information are valuable takeaways for anyone engaging in online activities, from social media to investment platforms.

As a global leader specializing in cyber intelligence and cryptocurrency tracing, CNC Intelligence continues to evolve its methods and tools to keep pace with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Through collaborations like this with media outlets and their ongoing educational initiatives, the company reinforces its commitment to safeguarding digital assets and providing the necessary evidence for asset and fund recovery. CNC Intelligence remains not just an investigative company but a cornerstone of security and trust in the digital realm.

For those interested in learning more about how CNC Intelligence can assist in your specific situation, whether you are a victim, a law firm, or a law enforcement agency, we invite you to reach out to us through our various contact means for a personalized consultation.