CNC Intelligence proudly announces our partnership with the Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) as an official training partner for the Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) program.

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) Training Program by CNC Intelligence Inc.

This comprehensive training is designed not only for law enforcement but for anyone seeking expertise in cryptocurrency forensics. As a pioneer in the field, CNC Intelligence has a track record of providing the CCI program and other specialized training to law enforcement agencies globally. Our international experience, including successful training programs in India and other regions, highlights our commitment to sharing our expertise on a worldwide scale.

Our program equips participants with the necessary skills to navigate and investigate the complex world of cryptocurrency, making it an invaluable asset for both professional and personal development in this rapidly evolving digital era.

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About the Program

Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) Training

Comprehensive Curriculum

The CCI program covers a range of topics, from the fundamentals of cryptocurrency to advanced forensic techniques. This curriculum is designed to provide a deep dive into the world of digital currencies, equipping participants with cutting-edge skills for cryptocurrency investigations.

Hands-On Training

Participants will engage in practical exercises using BIG’s innovative tools, such as QLUE™, enhancing their ability to trace and analyze cryptocurrency transactions in real-world scenarios.

Expert-Led Sessions

Led by seasoned professionals in cryptocurrency investigations, the CCI program offers insights from experts like Robert Whitaker and Teresa Anaya, ensuring a rich learning experience rooted in industry best practices.


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Blockchain Intelligence Group CCI Training Program

by CNC Intelligence

Join the ranks of skilled cryptocurrency investigators by enrolling in our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator program. This training is essential for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and capabilities in the realm of cryptocurrency forensics.

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