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If you lost Bitcoin, Ether, Tether or another Cryptocurrency due to fraud, hacking or an Online Scam, don’t be a victim, fight back. CNC Intelliengence can find and recover your coins and tokens.

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Asset Recovery

Sometimes referred to as Fund Recovery, requires the right experience and expertise.  CNC Intelligence has a network of partners spanning the globe, so no matter where your assets are, we can find and recover them.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

Our blockchain analyst is able to trace Bitcoin, Ethereum and numerous other Cryptocurrency assets.   We trace the Cryptocurrency and then track down the the people who took your cryptocurrency to recover your funds.

Advanced Analytics

Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators and team of Blockchain Analysts use goverment grade analystics and investigative tools to provide our clients with the very best analytics available to date.

International Network

Our network of Investigators, Law Firms and on the ground support spans 6 continents, so that we can go anywhere our cases take us.  

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