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Have you been defrauded?

Recover your Cryptocurrency!

If you lost Bitcoin due to fraud or an Online Scam, don’t be a victim, fight back. CNC Intelligence Inc. can trace your Cryptocurrency, so that it can be recovered!

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We Have The Tools to Assist in Your Recovery Process.

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Bitcoin Tracing

Full Report Timestamping every transaction from the original transaction till the Bitcoin is sent to a relevant Exchange

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Liaison with Law Enforcement

Our team is dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international, ensuring effective communication and assistance in investigations.

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Case Management

Each case is under the care of a Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator who will oversee the entire case, each step of the way.

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Cryptocurrency Recovery Assistance

Our blockchain analysts trace Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous other Cryptocurrency assets. We trace the Cryptocurrency and then track down the owners of the Wallet in order to assist law firms and law enforcement to identify the suspects and recover the assets.

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